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With our service going beyond just manufacturing and designing rivets, BPFS/Ornit also provides essential services to customers. We offer a variety of business and technical services. A leader in the fastening industry, BPFS/Ornit's expertise is all you would expect from a quality company. Providing customers with ideal solutions for any fastening challenge, our Research &Develoment department is equipped with the latest technology. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team is on call and ready to face challenges from our clientele.

Thechnical Services

  • BPFS Fastener Training Seminars
  • BPFS Fastener Prototypes and Samples
  • BPFS Fastener Analysis And Laboratorial Examinations
  • BPFS Fastener Selection
  • Metallurgical Laboratory
  • Full technical data for all our products

Our experience in the industry and dedicated staff means that customers can depend on our top-notch service.

Business Services

  • BPFS Customer Service Representative
  • CRM Systems
  • Supply Chain management
  • BPFS Batch Orders
  • BPFS Shipping & Packaging