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Automotive BPFS/ORNIT supplies a wide range of quality products to the automotive market, i.e. both the OEM vehicle manufacturers and their tiers suppliers.

BPFS/ORNIT supports applications as diverse as engine sealing, car-bodies, air bags and seating mechanisms.


Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles BPFS/ORNIT supports many of the world's leading truck and trailer manufacturers.

BPFS/ORNIT provides customized solutions for all types of commercial vehicle body builders.

BPFS/ORNIT cooperates with major distributors and specialist concessionaires to supply the industry.



Construction BPFS/ORNIT supplies a wide range of products for the construction industry.

BPFS/ORNIT'S special fasteners are used in the roofing industry and for cladding applications requiring high performance rivets. Orlock rivets are used for installation in structures, such as bridges, building frameworks and containers installations.



Electronics BPFS/ORNIT'S rivets are widely applied in a variety of electronic applications, i.e. PCBs, fuse boxes and cabinets.


Domestic Appliances

Domestic Appliances  To support a variety of different markets and regions we established a global network of distribution partners.

BPFS/ORNIT'S partners provide technical solutions, local customer service and support across the entire product portfolio.



Automotive BPFS/ORNIT provides the best solutions for train and cart assembly, through focused global resources.

BPFS/ORNIT offers a broad range of structural blind rivets and value added services for our customers.