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About Ornit Inc.

Ornit Inc is the subsidiary company of Ornit Blind Rivets, Israel. Ornit Blind Rivets is a leading manufacturer, designer, marketer and provider of fastening solutions.

The factory

Ornit Inc, established to bring Ornit Blind Rivets closer to North American customers, provides customers with all the advantages of Ornit's engineering support, custom-designed solutions, marketing and sales services.

Ornit's broad range of high quality, industrial blind rivets are suitable for a wide range of markets, e.g. industrial, constructional, automotive, and others. Ornit Blind Rivets' portfolio is packed with structural and non-structural, multi-function fasteners designed for both automatic assembly and manual application.

Ornit is certified with Quality management systems: ISO/TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2008.

For further information please contact us at Ornitinc@ornit.com or call free 1-877-627-0423.