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About Us

Quality manufacturer of blind rivets since 1975, Ornit has joined with United States' Blue Pneumatic Fastening Systems to provide automotive, constructive electronics and industrial fastening solutions. Our products lines suit a wide range of rivet fastening system applications in all of the above markets.

The factory

Structural rivets, roofing rivets, multi-grip rivets and other fastening devices made from various alloy combinations of Aluminum, steel and stainless steel are included in the company's portfolio.


Control tests of quality at all stages of production ensure h igh standard and top quality products.

International standards

BPFS/Ornit manufactures products in compliance with IFI 114 and DIN 7337 standards. Our dedication to performance excellence has led BPFS/Ornit to be awarded with the ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

Research and Development

Equipped with the latest technology, our highly experienced and knowledgeable Research & Development department is team is ready to face all challenges. Their professional expertise provides our customers with model solutions for any fastening challenges.


Exported around the world (Europe, Australia, South Africa, Far East, Latin America) BPFS/Ornit's products are leading the fastening industry in the Israeli market. Ornit established a subsidiary company in the USA, Ornit Inc. and joined with Blue Pneumatic Fastening Sytems, to distribute our products throughout all of North America.

Company Vision

As multinational/global company BPFS/Ornit continues to be in the front line of the international companies, leading the fastening industry around the world while protecting a distinctive character.

Ornit dedicated

  • Continue and learn, understand and to foresee the desires and changing ambitions of her customers.
  • Provide creative, flexible, unique and competitive solutions for our worldwide customers.
  • Keep the tradition of close working relationship with our customers.
  • Provide uncompromising product quality by implementing specificc regulation and international standards.
  • Commit to high service standards while response to all our customer needs.
  • Broaden the world wide activities while keeping her professional leadership.
  • Assimilate Ornit's brand within the international blind rivets markets while representing our unique advantages.
  • To invest efforts in the value of human capital through development and promotion of our management and employees.

Ornit's History

  • 1976 - Kibbutz Or-Haner purchased Ledva, an Israeli rivet factory. Ledva was originally part of the British company, Avdel. Ledva became Ornit.
  • Avdel and Ornit agreed that Ornit would supply only the Israeli market and Iran.
  • Until the 1980's Ornit did no product development, all technical and manufacturing know-how was purchased from Avdel.
  • In the mid eighties Ornit became independent of Avdel and began selling products to Europe and later to North America.
  • 1986 - Ornit developed ME TOO products. By the end of the 1980's Ornit developed the TPR - based on a patented product developed by an American for Ornit. TPR was the first product developed at Ornit from the first technical drawing to the production line and then marketed. TPR is a special blind rivet for flat roofing assembly.
  • 1995 - Ornit awarded the ISO 9002.
  • 1996 - Orlock a unique structural rivet developed - Patent No. 5503510. Orlock Steel/Steel, Aluminum/Aluminum and Stainless Steel in dia. 6.4-4.8-7.8 mm.
  • 2002 - Or-Bulb rivet developed, Ornilock rivet developed as alternative for the Magnalock rivet. Ornilock Steel/Steel and Aluminum/Alumnium in Dia. 6.4-4.8 mm.
  • 2003 - Stelock rivet developed as an alternative for the Avibulb rivet, Or-Bolt rivet developed as alternative for the Monobolt rivet.
  • 2005 - factory broadening - Ornit increased production space by 800 m2, purchased 6 cold heading 5 stations machines, 6 cold heading 4 stations machines and 4 rolling machines.
    Ornit awarded as ISO/TS 16949 : 2002 certified.
  • 2006 - Ornit Inc. established, in the USA, as a subsidiary company of Ornit Blind Rivets, bringing Ornit Blind Rivets closer to North American customers.
  • 2008 - Ornilock and Or-Bolt Stainless Steel/Stainless Steel structural rivets developed.
  • 2009 - Ornit joined with Blue Pneumatic Fastening Systems in the US to develop engineered based fastening solution operations for North America. As well as grow all market concerns.