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written by ORNIT Quality Manager, Mr. Gal Schorr [B.Sc. – CQE]




Quality Assurance in a manufacturing facility is a complex and yet delicate task that sometimes is defined as a practice which has "two masters": the plant's management on one hand and the customer on the other.

To fulfill the role properly, the quality assurance personnel has to act with a high level of ethics, integrity, honesty and dedication.

At Ornit, concepts as client satisfaction and adherence to production high quality levels were well rooted even before we were awarded ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certification. These concepts were adopted by all the staff members as one, beginning with top management and ending with the most junior worker.

To maintain the policy in practice, there is an integrated real-time on-line plant control system that includes the controllers of the Quality Assurance Section. but mainly the production workers.


There is also a sophisticated system of all-production-output-recording that includes data of raw material characteristics entering the system throughout deliveries of finished products to customers. At any given moment we can provide an array of reports that characterize the product; the raw material composition, manufacturing conditions and product data, performance results and the final test results before the rivets are released for delivery.


Ornit's products are RoHS and REACH compliant according to our suppliers' declarations.


Tensile and Shear Tests are performed according to ISO 14589 standard.


We believe indeed that all our Quality activities are customer oriented and we do not trust one single time segment but continuing our quest for improvement in our products and services.